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The All-In-One Duct Wizard

The All-In-One Duct Wizard has arrived!  This patented technology will take your business to the next level.  Prepare to profit by using your Vacuum Duct Wizard to meet the needs of your customers.  The Vacuum Duct Wizard is a stand-alone shop vacuum harnessed with uniquely patented technology capable of providing duct cleaning without the use of a truck mount.  Each Vacuum Duct Wizard comes with several brushes capable of cleaning many types of air ducts, an amazingly powerful small drive motor at the brush end of the hose, 33 feet of hose, a carrying case for brushes, and the ability for all businesses to become more profitable!  Contact us now! Price is $2,500.00

Why by the All-In-One Duct Wizard?

No longer leave potential profits behind.  Have the ability to add duct cleaning to your company’s scope.  The Duct Wizard will pay for itself.  Duct cleaning is a necessity for all businesses and homes, thus every customer offers your business a chance to provide duct cleaning services
Don’t have a truck mount?  No problem!  This unit is completely stand-alone.  No need for a truck mount.
The All-In-One Duct Wizard is a heavy duty piece of equipment that is very easy to use.  This unit can maneuver easily and the hose and brushes can be easily attached and removed.  The vacuum portion of this unit has a 16 gallon stainless steel container, 6.5 HP motor, 185 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of air flow, 64 sealed pressure (in inches), and 355 peak air watts.


The Duct Wizard is bidirectional and turns corners allowing for the entire duct system to be cleansed from the vent openings. It is great for metal, mechanically attached, and flex ducts.


Each Duct Wizard is equipped with brushes including one 9 inch brush and two 6 inch brushes, each with 138 pockets of straight, long-lasting bristles for smooth operation. Optional brushes of various sizes are also available upon request.


A powerful motor at the head provides high torque for maximum cleaning. The clutch system helps prevent vent damage.