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The Duct Wizard Truck Mount

The Duct Wizard has a rotating brush end with multiple vacuum openings just inches behind the brush. This allows the walls of the vents to be scrubbed, removing dust mites, pollen, and allergens that may affect ones health.

The Duct Wizard is very efficient when used with a truck mount. Unlike other duct cleaning machines that use twisting cables, the Duct Wizard has an electrical cord running through the hose. This allows for greater flexibility, more durability, and is much lighter when running through vents. With the Duct Wizard you can protect your customers from dust mites, debris, and other harmful substance.

The Duct Wizard is bidirectional and turns corners allowing for the entire duct system to be cleansed from the vent openings. It is great for metal, mechanically attached, and flex ducts.

A powerful motor at the head provides high torque for maximum cleaning. The clutch system helps prevent vent damage.  Price is $2,500.00

More About The Duct Wizard Truck Mount

Harness the power of your truck mount vacuum to provide high quality, professional air duct cleaning. Let our innovations make your company more profitable

Incredible Features of the Duct Wizard:

  • Remote Controlled
  • Amazing powerful and with a small drive motor at the brush end of hose with a clutch
  • Small, strong, lightweight aluminum housing
  • The smallest and lightest in the industry
  • Equipped with a special base that glides easily over floors
  • Fewer moving parts for less maintenance and more safety
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Larger intake ports for better suction
  • Weight approximately 8 pounds
  • Height of 7 and 3/4 inches
  • Width of 6 x 8 inches
  • The main power plant of the Duct Wizard has a 2 inch outside diameter to fit most hose cuffs, inside or out. It comes with a remote switch, plastic screwdriver and two reverse thread (left-handed) screws for brush attachment.
  • Each Duct Wizard is equipped with one 9 inch brush and two 6 inch brushes, each with 138 pockets of straight, long-lasting bristles for smooth operation. Optional brushes of various sizes are also available upon request.
  • A 50 foot hose motor assembly is included with the Duct Wizard. Shorter hoses are also available.
  • Hose upgrade is two inches
  • Intra-duct Camera
  • Mini-monitor linked to the intra-duct camera
  • With the Duct Wizard Pro Kit, the camera and mini monitor are included to assist in the cleaning process. Using this service will help demonstrate value to your customers through powerful before and after shots. This has proven to dramatically increase your chances of up-sells to carpet cleaning customers.
  • One year warranty from date of purchase against defects in Duct Wizard materials and/or workmanship. During this time, Merlin’s Industrial Machining will repair defected part(s) without charge to you. Customer must deliver the entire set to the original retail center for repair. Customer must pay for all transportation charges if they apply. Warranties do not cover normal wear of brushes. All parts repairable by first contacting Merlin’s Industrial Machining.

Choose The Duct Wizard

      • Great potential to immediately increase profits in any size carpet cleaning business
      • Proven to dramatically increase profits
      • Equipped with everything your business needs to immediately begin duct cleaning
      • Requires zero maintenance, simply replace the brush
      • Add this valuable service, duct cleaning, to your company’s range with the Duct Wizard
      • We offer great support

What Client’s Say

I have been able to do about 12 jobs with my machine since purchasing in September. I have made over $8,000 in just air duct cleaning. This more than pays for the machine.
Richard Hollsworth, Professional Carpet Cleaning, Indiana