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Spring 2015 is Approaching!

Spring is not far way, remember to inform your customers that dirty air ducts make a perfect living environment for dust mites, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, fungi, viruses and a variety of other contaminants. One out of six people who suffer from allergies and many other health problems like asthma, coughs, sneezing and headache, lead to dusty and polluted poor quality Indoor air. Millions of microscopic contaminants enter a heating and cooling system every time it goes on. If these particles are not cleaned out, they can build up in the air ducts and get back into the air that is breathed, irritating allergies, asthma, sinuses, and spreading cold- and flu-causing viruses. These particles can also pass through to heating and cooling equipment, reducing effectiveness and causing costly repairs.

Successful summer!

We have been receiving great feedback regarding our air duct cleaning machinery. As always, customer service and accountability are important to our family oriented company. Summer can often be slow for some areas of the country but adding air duct cleaning to your operations can increase revenues even during these slow times. Call us today! We are running a summer special on both our stand-alone and truck mount units. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns!

Air Duct Cleaning is Vital and Profitable!!!

We have been getting questions from all over the United States in regards to the profitability of having a business capable of cleaning air ducts. First, YES, air duct cleaning is important!  Air ducts may be affecting the health of your current and potential customers. As dirt and grime build up on the air ducts, the quality of indoor air degrades and pollutants circulate throughout the household as air is blown through the vents. As your potential and current customers continually breathe the indoor air, they may continually breathe the pollution.  Many people are adversely affected by poor indoor air quality. Second, YES, air duct cleaning can be a very profitable business.  If you're currently a carpet cleaning company looking to expand, or similarly a remediation company, general contractor, or just looking to get exclusively within the air duct cleaning business then there is a lot of potential.  Our units are well built, capable of doing the job, and are sold at a fraction of the price compared to similar units.  Call us today!  We have a Spring sale going on and we're looking to move inventory.

Become more profitable

When purchasing a duct wizard you have just increased your ability to become more profitable.  Adding the capability of cleaning air ducts is a significant way to get ahead of the competition and to have another method of earning more income.  Call us today at 301-466-7110 and learn more.  We build duct cleaning machines / equipment that is warrantied, capable, and at a very reasonable price for companies within the United States and also businesses outside of the United States.  We look forward to hearing from YOU!