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Air Duct Cleaning Machines!

Next time your company looks to purchase an air duct cleaning machine ask the sales representative how long they have been building equipment for the industry.  We here at Merlin's Industrial Machining have been building equipment for the carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning industry for many years.  We build to specifications and no job is either to big or small.  We stand behind everything we manufacture with strong warranties, this of course includes our duct cleaning machines.  We are a family business stretching back several generations.  Call us for your next air duct cleaning machine or customized order.  We want you as a customer!

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Spring 2015 is Approaching!

Spring is not far way, remember to inform your customers that dirty air ducts make a perfect living environment for dust mites, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, fungi, viruses and a variety of other contaminants. One out of six people who suffer from allergies and many other health problems like asthma, coughs, sneezing and headache, lead to dusty and polluted poor quality Indoor air. Millions of microscopic contaminants enter a heating and cooling system every time it goes on. If these particles are not cleaned out, they can build up in the air ducts and get back into the air that is breathed, irritating allergies, asthma, sinuses, and spreading cold- and flu-causing viruses. These particles can also pass through to heating and cooling equipment, reducing effectiveness and causing costly repairs.